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Our Newest Board Member: Tricia Sullivan

Tricia Sullivan
Picture of Julie Hahnke
Julie Hahnke
Julie is the President of Cecropia Strong and is a stroke survivor, who was finally found after three days. She's a bagpiper, an author, a management consultant, and a nature enthusiast.

I’m delighted to announce we have a new Board Member, Tricia Sullivan. As a physical therapist, she has a unique perspective on health care and we’re glad to have her! She writes:

Patricia (Tricia) E. Sullivan, DPT, PhD

I have been a physical therapist for over 50 years practicing as a clinician and an academic both in the US and internationally.

I met Julie primarily through the Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor and am impressed by the energy and passion she brings to this humanitarian organization.

Cecropia Strong's Funded Programs

1. Amy's Gifts of Hope

I have treated patients who have had a stroke and understand the challenge of being in a rehab unit away from family and the comfort Amy’s Gifts of Hope provide.

2. Intercollegiate Assistive Technology Hackathons

Assistive technology is life changing for people with conditions requiring alternative interfaces.

3. Driver Rehabilitation Grants

Having the freedom to transport yourself provides independence not available if a person is dependent on others.

4. Phillips Family Aphasia Program Grants

Communication is a primary way we each interact in the world.

I can not prioritize any of the Cecropia programs. They are all critical.

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