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These aren't imperfections. They're just differences.
A quadriplegic getting outfitted with new arms
A female adult cecropia moth
Julie Hahnke

The Birth of a Charity

You’re in the hospital, but the reality is blurry. You’re floating in and out of consciousness, but the pain meds are so strong, you leave the coping to somebody, anybody

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We're here to help, regardless of your disability!
Disability Relief
Julie Hahnke

Disability advocacy & Access

On July 26th, the 31st anniversary of the ADA, I addressed the MGH IHP OT classes that comprised COTAD. They asked me to speak about my stroke and how coping

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SRH patients with gifts of hope
Hospital Giving
Julie Hahnke

Spaulding Offers a Big Give!

Cecropia Strong has four milestones that we constantly measure ourselves by (these are spelled out in our charter and our bylaws). The first is to help those newly disabled, because

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