Hospital Giving

Someone gave her a Teddy!

And her look says it all! She and the bear have a pact, and he’ll be by her side regardless of what comes.

She’s knee-deep in treatment and she doesn’t know what end is up. But we can help! The thing she needs right now is hope. The rest will come later.

A young cancer survivor

The gifts are given at cost ($10) and no profit is taken. The larger plush toys (three-toed sloth, elk, grizzly, and teddy bear) are $20.

For $10 you can give a patient hope!

The feel of a soft body under your arm, the power of your belief that you will get better, and the smile that these animals bring are all signs of a brighter tomorrow! With every $10 you donate (or $20 for the larger animals) you'll give one more patient a caring gift!
At Spaulding Rehab Hospital, we've given
gifts of Hope
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$ 1540
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Spaulding Rehab Hospital says, "Thank you!"