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Hospital Giving is good

Patients always welcome caring gifts

Wouldn’t you like to give a Gift of Hope to a patient? Cecropia Strong donates gifts to over 50% of Spaulding Rehab Hospital’s patients each month!

When you’re in the hospital fighting to recover from a stroke, an amputation, or serious burns cover your body, and someone you don’t know showers you with a thoughtful present think how you’d feel! Hospital giving is good! Click on the donate button below to give a gift—you’ll not regret it!

Hospital giving is good!
Cecropia Strong’s Gifts of Hope program gives gifts to the patients who need them most! These are some of the gifts that we give. When we drop them at Spaulding Rehab Hospital we’re met with smiles and laughter from the clinicians. They know that the patients will shine when these gifts are distributed!

For $15 you can give a patient hope!

The feel of a soft body under your arm, the power of your belief that you will get better, and the smile that these gifts bring are all signs of a brighter tomorrow! With every $15 you donate you'll give one more patient a caring gift!
At Spaulding Rehab Hospital, we've given
gifts of Hope
Months of donations
Raised for the patients
$ 6000

Spaulding Rehab Hospital says, "Thank you!"