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Cecropia Strong

We reach to the sky

When a disabling incident robs you of your dreams, they lie hidden—much like a metamorphosis. But they do exist! We’ll teach you, that with persistence, you can fly!


Cecropia Strong, Inc.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

About Us

We're here to aid anyone suffering with disabilities. We'll band together to find an answer for you!

Our Programs

Helping the newly disabled, to matching people to qualified programs, to caring...we're here!

Get Involved

Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good, you make a real difference.

Our motto

Hope is everything

Your generosity makes our work possible. Share your hope with the newly disabled until they get back up on their feet (pun intended!) And if you’re without hope, we’ve got your back!

"When I was hospitalized following my stroke, I was in a brain fog. I was akin to the cecropia moth emerging from its cocoon—I didn't know which end was up. But those around me shared their hope until I could find it for myself!"

You Can Make a Difference!
Give them hope while they find their own
Help Them!

Get involved:
it matters!

Join us and make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. Help the disabled:

In the Hospital

Their world is upside down, and they need our hope until they can figure it out for themselves.

Access Assistive Technology

Help match disabled folks with college and university programs to improve their functional capabilities.

Re-learn To Drive

After a stroke, nothing gives more freedom than getting your license back—but it's expensive!

Fight Aphasia

One of the most debilitating impairments after a stroke is the inability to process language. We can help! ​

From our blog

I've lived through being newly disabled—I can show you the way!
Julie Hahnke

The Birth of a Charity

You’re in the hospital, but the reality is blurry. You’re floating in and out of consciousness, but the pain meds are so strong, you leave the coping to somebody, anybody

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