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These aren't imperfections. They're just differences.
A quadriplegic getting outfitted with new arms
Marblehead friends wearing Tufts Assistive Tech Hack t-shirts
Assistive Tech
Julie Hahnke

The Assistive Tech Calendar

We’ve just completed the first collegiate Assistive Technology Hackathon as Cecropia Strong! I’ve personally been involved in these events for two years, and it was part of my reason for

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Polar bear card
Hospital Giving
Julie Hahnke

A New Gift for Patients

In February, we added a new gift—polar bear note cards—to the monthly loot we take down to Spaulding Rehab Hospital (SRH). I started taking the gifts to patients last July

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I've lived through being newly disabled—I can show you the way!
Julie Hahnke

The Birth of a Charity

You’re in the hospital, but the reality is blurry. You’re floating in and out of consciousness, but the pain meds are so strong, you leave the coping to somebody, anybody

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